One day Johnny was in a shop. He had become angry by the stress in his life and he left after a argument with his Parents. While Johnny was at the shops his parents were out in the cold of the night looking for the lost son. When Johnny was in the shop he wanted to by something but he was 2 cents off. He was so hungry but the shop owner wouldn’t let him get it. As he was walking off a man robs the counter of the shop at gun point. The Thief gave Johnny his drink and walked off. As he walked out of the shop the shop owner screamed for someones help but Johnny just walked away.


The way the shop owner denied Johnny his drink was evil because he didn’t give a starving boy his drink because he was 2 cents off. Secondly the Thief robbed a shop which is someones way of life and in there long run could affect them greatly. Lastly Johnny didn’t help because of how mean and unsympathetic the shop owner was.



the Thief gave Johnny his drink because he saw someone in need. The Parents did the right thing by trying to comfort there child and also looking for him.