New’s report on Caritas

Caritas is a world wide operation set up to help children and families less fortunate than us. Every day, Caritas Australia and their local partners are supporting people in need around the world. They assist the needy to break free of their chains of poverty and their lack of food. They help with stuff like:

– Responding to emergencies such as the current food crisis in East Africa.

– Implementing Disaster Risk Reduction strategies, particularly in the Pacific Islands, where villagers are experiencing rising sea levels.

– Helping farmers with sustainable agricultural practices, such as the Farmer Field School in Nepal.

– Building water catchments in regions like Ethiopia, so communities have access to fresh, clean water and are able to grow crops.

– Providing access to education and workshops in regions of South-East Asia, so vulnerable people can learn new skills.

– Training women in outback areas the skills they need for work and stuff they never learnt because they had no schooling

– Alleviating poverty in Indigenous Australia through projects in rural communities.

They rely on normal people like us to help with their endeavors and work through project compassion and donations and many other fundraising activities. Look how you can help with giving rural and indigenous areas hope and things to work with:

  • $2 could provide Indigenous plants to regenerate 10 square metres of deforested community land in Bolivia.
  • $10 could supply jerry cans for two families affected by natural disaster in Samoa
  • $50 could engage an Indigenous person in 5-day community tourism training in Bolivia
  • $100 could provide a bicycle for a field worker working with the disabled in Bangladesh
  • $200 could provide training packs for 10 ‘street boys’ to learn organic farming in Papua New Guinea