1.  Life Immediately After the Death of Christ
    The apostles had to deal with being scared and frightened of the soldiers because they thought that they would be crucified like jesus because they were his followers. They had no idea how to spread the word of God because they were so frightened, they didn’t even leave their house because they were so scared.
  2.  Pentecost
    Pentecost was were the disciples were given flames on their heads, this gave them the ability to speak in different tongues. This helped the disciples spread the word of God because it gave them courage to speak the word of God and gave them the ability to preach to other countries. This was the birth of the Church because the word of the Church was finally spread
  3. Christian Persecution
    Christians were persecuted by the Romans for not following the way that they liked. They were persecuted because they were scared that God would get more popular than them and the christian religion would overthrow them.
  4. The Conversion of Saul
    The story consists of Saul seeing a vision of Jesus and then became blind. Then a disciple in Damascus goes to Saul and heals him on one condition that he would preach the good news about God and never say another bad think against God. Saul agreed. Saul would take Christians and drag them to jail. He would do this randomly, Barging into their houses and kidnapping them.
  5. St Paul’s and His Role in Spreading the Word
    Paul left his commission and preached to non-Jews and Jews trying to convert them to Christianity. Because he made some many people convert to Christianity. Paul was a key member in The Jerusalem Council combining Jewish tradition with Christian Faith. The council decided whether Gentiles converts to Christianity. The Council of Jerusalem no longer exists but it’s beliefs are the base for some major religious groups.
  6. Martyrdom
    Martyrdom means the death or suffering of a Martyr. Martyr originates from the greek word witness. Acts 6:8-8 Stephen (martyr) proclaimed the good news of Jesus and made miracles and was persecuted.
  7.  Constantine
    Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity. Constantine helped to proclaim religious tolerance of all religions within the Roman empire. Some of the positives effects of Constantine’s decision was that he allowed people to choose what religion they wished to follow. He was a follower of the Christian faith and religion. The negative aspects of his decision were that it would have caused uproar, class distinction and prejudice. A christian celebration that can be traced back to Roman traditions is Christmas which is held on the 25th of December which is Jesus’ birthday.